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For Healthcare Providers

Pain physician consultation

 Assessment of your patient and development of an individualized  treatment plan grounded in modern pain science.  

Pain recovery program

Individual or group program that focuses on the link between the brain, pain and stress. 


The program helps patients take back control from pain utilizing cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques.

Therapeutic yoga

Patients work with yoga therapist Maria Hillier and learn tools and techniques backed by current scientific evidence to manage pain, stress, anxiety and depression. 

Individual and group sessions both in-person and virtually.

Migraine treatment

We can assist you in managing your patients' chronic or episodic migraine headaches.. Based on suitability we may use novel evidence-based and Health Canada approved treatments for migraine including Botox injections and

anti-CGRP medications.

Resistant depression treatment

Effective options for treatment resistant depression using rTMS and ketamine. 

Offered through the ANSR clinic. 

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